Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Expired Regrets Prologue

Guess What -- TONIGHT Expired Regrets is officially RE-Released!!!  In case you haven't read it yet here is the prologue for you to get a sneak peek into the novel. Expired Regrets will be listed with Kindle Unlimited and you can pre-order it now at

Loud piercing sirens rang in my ears. I opened my eyes but couldn’t focus on anything. I could hear nothing but the sirens in the distance. Warm liquid rolled down my face.
I reached up to clear my vision. My fingers came into contact with whatever was oozing down my face, making me quickly wipe my eyes.
Bright red blood clung to my fingertips. My fingers were covered in my own blood. In a panic, I gasped for air, pulling on the seatbelt in an attempt to free myself. What happened? I took a deep breath before blinking my eyes several times in rapid succession, trying to reset time and bring back the faded memories. I closed my eyes to get my bearings.
Suddenly, it all came crashing back. Bright headlights, blinding me as they careened around the corner. Screeching tires followed by the sounds of metal crunching and twisting in carnage as the two cars melded together as one. My truck flipping endlessly until sliding on the rooftop into a tree finally halting its momentum.
The smell of burnt rubber, from the tires losing themselves to the asphalt, trying to avoid impact, assaulted my nose.
My body was numb to any feeling, as air became harder to pull into my lungs, making it difficult to gain control of my breathing. I could tell the sirens were getting closer, but not close enough, not fast enough. I prayed they would find me quickly, as I tried to remain focused on the sound. I dozed in and out of consciousness.
As I lay there trapped in the wreckage that was my truck, a woman’s fuzzy slippers came into view before she crouched down beside my window. Her eyes were filled with fear. She turned and yelled to someone farther away and then disappeared as she repeated the information. My eyes grew heavy again as I heard her screaming to the fire rescue who had just arrived. I could taste the copper tang of blood that marked my life and future slipping away.
My life flashed before my eyes, forcing me to see all of the choices I regretted. I should have listened to Bryant, instead of running. But now the time to fix them had passed me by. Lying here imprisoned inside my truck dying, I had so many regrets, so many things I wished I could go back and redo. Regrets that I would have fixed had I known tomorrow would never arrive. Now they were all simply my expired regrets.
Feeling the sensation of floating, I forced my eyes open and caught a glimpse of an angel. The chocolate brown eyes of an angel were looking back into my own, and I felt at peace. This was it. Heaven.

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